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Tattoo prices vary from city to city and artist to artist. The level of detail and time involved is a major factor in how an artist prices a piece of work, but it is important to also note that equipment, ink, and other materials may also be considered.

Many shops might price tattoos by the amount of time it takes to do a tattoo. For example, a shop may have a rate of fifty dollars per hour, but they may require a minimum price of $50.


July Mao

Deciding on a tattoo should be a timely experience. There is no rush to figure out something that is essentially forever. When formulating ideas for your first piece, make sure that it's an image that is appealing to you.

Whether it is a tribute, an intimate tattoo, or a matching BFF piece - it still needs to look good to you. Take your time, and make a wise choice.


John Doe

Having a custom tattoo is an admirable goal, however, it takes more than just great tattoo ideas to make a truly awesome tattoo. You will need a skilled tattoo artist who shares your vision and with whom you feel comfortable.

Show the artist some pictures of what you do and don't like, and come in with an idea of where you want the tattoo and how big it should be.


Alex Ross

Even if your request is simple, such as a feather tattoo, you should always ask your professional tattoo artist to take your idea and expand upon it to create a custom tattoo design. First, most tattoo artists will not copy an image you find on Google or Pinterest.

You can meet with your artist beforehand by booking a tattoo consultation. From there he will take the basic idea and add his own creativity to the mix.


Andy Cole