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4 customer reviews
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Use this Tattoo Fade System to help you remove tattoos. It includes Dermomatic Microdermabrasion Applicator, Erosion Head, and Suffusion Gel.
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Quick Results and pain-free! Only need to use 3 minutes every other day to start seeing results. Designed to increase cell turnover to help accelerate the skin's natural fading process. Can be used to fade tattoos on most parts of your body.
4 Customer Reviews
    • John Doe

    Awesome shop to get one of a kind custom art. Great atmosphere and friendly staff.

    • Alex Ross

    The first thing you notice is how clean this shop is. Immaculate. The artists are really chill and crazy talented. I've gotten two pieces here from TattooStudio, which are gorgeous. I'm going in for a third tomorrow.

    • Diana Roe

    I went there today for the first time and loved it! I had Edwin do my tattoo and he nailed it, looks absolutely amazing. The staff is super friendly and the shop is super clean.

    • Sara Cole

    Awesome experience. Great artists and professionals. Would recommend to everyone.

  • John Doe

    Hi guys! I'm so impressed!!! Your service is unbeaten, support staff is so friendly...very knowledgeable and professional team! The product I received is of the highest quality ever! And in addition I've saved my money!

  • Alex Ross

    Thank you!

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