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Private appt. our location . {pay by design, starting at $10.00}
Small Events .
2-30 attendants . {$65.00 per hour, 1 hr minimum}
Large Events .
30+ attendants . {$85.00 per hour, 2 hr minimum}
Fundraisers .
{$40.00 per hour, donation jar proceeds go to the cause}
Henna Assistant .
required for all events with 100+ attendants . {$20.00 per hour}
Party Favors .
gilding cones, crystals and / or henna balm . {$5 eac}
Gilding and Crystal application 
. our location . {pay by design, starting at $10.00}

We travel all over Ontario
. {$40.00 per hour, subject to change with gas rates}
travel fee applied from Barrie on Thursdays - Saturdays; and from Collingwood on Sundays - Wednesdays.
a deposit may be required.