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How to prepair for your Bridal Henna

Spa products interfere with your henna stain, it is best to follow these tips:

Waxing, Manicures & Pedicures: do 2 days before your henna (4 days before the wedding) to ensure that there is no remaining wax / lotion residue.
Shaving: shave right before your henna appointment.  Do not shave over your henna until after the wedding.
Only Cuticle / Nail Shaping & Nail Polish:(no water, no wax, no soaking, no scrubbing, no buffing, no massaging, no lotions) and you bring natural vegetable oil for the esthetician to soften your cuticles, then you can get your nails done the day of your wedding.
Come to your henna appointment with clean skin (no lotion or moisturizers of any kind).